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What does a whole family look like?

The Israelites were instructed to teach their children God’s laws, so that they are able to grasp them at an early age, and later teach their children when they are grown. A whole family is one whose members are receiving God’s Word and living God’s Word in daily life. This ensures that they are conscious of God’s heart and mind concerning each other, humanity, society and creation, and are able to position themselves to be stewards of the earth from home. Through your partnership with Scripture Union, you will enable family life to be strengthened and stewardship restored and reinforced.

Scripture Union aims to realise this through the Family Programmes below:

  • Positive Parenting - a seminar-based and coursework guided training to aid parents adopt and practice Biblical principles in bringing up their children
  • Enriching Your Marriage - a seminar-based capacit building for couples to build and maintain a strong marital bond and union that strengthens their love and output to society and church
  • Families Matter - a life-skills course to help parents engage with their children. Families  Matter is run in partnership with Christian Relief Services (CRS) among others

When you empower the parent to be influenced and transformed through God’s Word, they will in turn be able to mould the values they learn in their children, who look up to and learn from them. To start with society, begin with family today.

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