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Imagine what it would mean to have a child, a young person or a parent have a sense of hope and faith in life. Now, imagine that this is being renewed in them…daily! And that in a language that is easy to understand for them. This is made possible through distribution of the Scripture Union of Kenya Daily Devotionals. We have been able to produce these Devotionals in:

  • English:
    • “God and Me” for children
    • “Daily Power” for teens and youth
    • “Daily Guide” for adults
  • Vernacular/ local languages:
    • Kikamba – “Utethyo wa Kila Muthenya”
    • Kikuyu – “Uteithio wa O Muthenya” 
    • Kalenjin – “Nam ak Isoman Kotugul”
    • Dholuo – “Chiemb Chuny Mapile”

These have enabled individuals and groups to interact with the Word of God at personal level as well as family level. You too can be part of this reality, to ensure more people interact with the Word of God daily.

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