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More Labourers...

02 Jun 2022 Shem Kalafa

My name is Pst. Elizabeth Orwa. I am a Bible Club teacher within Seme Sub-County, situated in Kisumu County.

For a number of years, I’ve had a passion to reach out to children and young people.

In 2015, I felt God’s call increase, and began ministering in schools neighbouring my home. In the course of this period, I joined Scripture Union as a Bible Club Patron, which equipped me with more skills in starting and running a school Bible Club. By the grace of God, we so far have active Bible Clubs running in three schools, namely Kuoyo Primary School, Nyamor Primary School, and Ojwach Primary School in Siaya County. The current numbers of pupils who participate in these Bible Club sessions in each school are Kuoyo: 250 Nyamor: 147 and Ojwach: 284, who are grade 4 to class 8 only. This brings the total to 681 students. The increase in numbers of children in these sessions is indeed a testament of how God has been at work in Seme Sub-county.  God-willing, in two weeks’ time, we will open another bible club, and plans are in place to reach three more schools. This also means that there is need for more teachers to be empowered, to minister to the growing spiritual needs of children.

Children in these schools encounter various challenges, including broken homes, single parenthood resulting to lack of good parenting, and basic needs like uniform, shoes and writing materials. Further, many local churches don't have Sunday schools for their children, thus many don't have basic knowledge of the word of God. Other challenges are because of lack at home - some have resulted to stealing of books and food stuff. Because of lack of good parenting, adolescence problems have been on the rise.

We thank God for the opportunity to reach these children in schools with the love and word of God. Because many challenges are originating from homes, I feel it high time to reach and equip the parents with good parenting and, if possible, contribute to very critical cases of torn uniforms that make some miss school because of shame.

Reading the word personally for themselves has a great effect on the child. God’s Word is necessary, moreso when they are young. I appeal for Bibles to be availed in the schools, to bridge the gap for their own personal spiritual growth.

I continue to pray, and ask God for “more labourers being sent out into the harvest” (Matthew 9:36-38), so that more well-equipped servants with His heartbeat for children, and indeed realise the harvest and discipleship of these young ones in Christ Jesus our Lord.


(Courtesy of Pst. Elizabeth Orwa)

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