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More Labourers...

25 Feb 2021 Shem Kalafa

Mrs. Elizabeth Orwa is a Bible Club teacher within Kombewa Sub-County, of Kisumu County. She felt God’s call to serve with children and young people, and in 2015 began ministering in neighbouring schools near her home. It is because of her being faithful and consistent that three schools to date benefit from the Bible Club sessions, namely Kuoyo Primary School, Nyamor Primary School, and Ojwach Primary School in Siaya County. The current numbers of pupils who participate in these Bible Club sessions in each school are Kuoyo: 370-400, Nyamor: 250-280 and Ojwach: 370-400. The increase in numbers of children in these sessions is indeed a testament of how God has been at work in Kombewa. However, this also means that there is need for more teachers to be empowered, to minister to the growing spiritual needs of children. Some of the challenges among children around Elizabeth’s home include indiscipline, misbehavior, teenage pregnancies and drug and substance abuse. Their need for mentorship is urgent.

Elizabeth strongly believes in “more labourers being sent out into the harvest” (Matthew 9:36-38). You can be one of them. Your investment will ensure that more teachers are equipped and trained, strengthening Bible Clubs in school, thus meeting the growing need of children that need to be evangelised and discipled.

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