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Strategic Parenting for Future Impact

07th September 2018 Rev. David Chiko

How in the world are we going to raise godly kids in a sin-centered culture? For two decades, social media has evolved and exploded from days of primitive “My Space” accounts that had teens glued to the family computer (under some sort of supervision?), to the now ever-present Snapchat videos and pornography in the palm of their hand. At any given moment they can watch Giancarlo Stanton hit towering home-runs, see what Taylor Swift’s wearing in her latest music video, or watch Justin Bieber act up on TMZ. Tack on the latest pressure to conform to sexuality trends in the LGBTQ community, and we’ve really got to ask the question: Will the watered down, entertainment driven children’s programming at your local mega-church help you raise godly children in this age?

The campaign which was funded by UKAID through the County Innovation Challenge Fund (CICF) consisted of weekly radio sessions led by community health volunteers and KMC Champions in the community.

The sessions which combined interactive discussions and radio drama targeted changes in behaviour and attitudes towards preterm and low birth weight babies.

Joyce Soita, 32, gave birth to her twin babies in September 2017 at a time when Kenya was experiencing a nationwide health workers industrial strike. The babies who were delivered in a private health centre weighed 2500g and 1500g respectively.

Soita says she was happy with the baby weighing 2500g, but did not like the baby weighing 1500g as she thought it was not fully developed. She was discharged and referred to another hospital for further medical attention since the smaller baby was not breastfeeding.

According to Soita, her baby’s life was saved by a community member who told her about KMC and introduced her to a KMC champion mother attached to a nearby health centre. Story in the beneficiaries’ own words:

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