Children Ministries

We believe that all children in Kenya have the opportunity to hear, respond to, grow and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Children in the 4-14 years age bracket represent 43% of the Kenyan population (17.5M children). SUK facilitates spiritual nurture programmes which include teaching biblical truths in a child friendly manner, values education and life skills to help the children know God (evangelism), grow in God (discipleship), and serve God (missions) in their schools, families and communities.

Our engagement with children include:

Bible Clubs:

Through these forums, school children come together to learn, share and put into practice biblical values and principles in a fun and interactive manner. SUK has reached out to 15% of the 30,000 primary schools in Kenya.

Interschool Rallies: 

School term, our staff organizes rallies that bring together children from various schools. The children are given opportunities to showcase the truths learnt in the Bible clubs, nurture talent, evangelize other children and engage in biblical counseling. Every year, we organize 50 school rallies across the country.

Holiday Camps:

These fun filled holiday activities happen in April, August and December. The children are equipped with spiritual truths and social skills to help them make informed decisions and choices in life. They receive guidance and counseling from a team of SU volunteers. Every year, SUK organizes  20 holiday camps with a reach of about 5,000 children.

Vocational Bible Schools (VBS):

SUK works closely with Churches and organizations like Compassion International (Kenya chapter) to organize and facilitate VBSs during school holidays. On average SUK facilitates about 80 VBSs in a year.

Program for Pastoral Instruction (PPI):

PPI is a pastoral program for children in primary schools (Ages 7-15years). It is designed to help children Know God, Grow in God and Serve God. It’s allowed by government through an Act of Parliament and is embedded in the school calendar. Every child in every school has the opportunity to be taken through PPI. We train teachers in schools and Christians of goodwill to facilitate PPI.