Bible Ministries

  • In encouraging people to meet God through the Bible, we emphasize the significance of the Bible as a whole.
  • We encourage people to read it so that they come to repentance, faith, obedience to God and worship.
  • We prepare systematic programmes and materials for children, young people and adults, appropriate to their age and situation.
  • We are committed to Bible reading which is thoughtful, prayerful and regular and which enables the reader to respond to the message of the whole Bible rather than to isolated passages.
  • We are concerned to interpret the text in a way that enables people, in their contemporary situations, to hear for themselves the message of the Bible from its original context.

Scripture Engagement and Material Development

SU-K works with churches to make God’s Good News known to people of all ages while at the same time encouraging them to meet God daily through the Bible and Prayer. We publish, promote and distribute dated bible study materials which facilitate interaction with God’s Word daily. These include: Daily Guide (adults); Daily Power (the youth), God and Me (Children), Wasomaji wa Biblia (Kiswahili) and others in 4 vernacular languages; Kikamba, Kalenjin, Dholuo and Kikuyu.